Aromas Naturales

Aroma Sensations is proud to introduce you to Aromas Naturales natural fragrances made with essential oils. These essential oils fragrances are blended into a vegetable based dipropylene glycol oil for slow release into the environment around the jar. The diffuser system is a vegetable fiber sponge that the mixture is placed into to further slow the release process. All dyes are chlorophyll or vegetable based. This allows the product to remain natural in all aspects.

The product was originally introduced at the Mondial Expo in Spain in 1992 and was at that time and still is considered quite revolutionary. Since then the product has been introduced into more than 28 countries around the world and has met all the rigid manufacturing and entry codes for these various countries. The product meets the manufacturing standards of ISO 9001 issued by the European Economic Community in accordance with the USA regulations.

All of our essential oils come from the most reputed manufacturers in the world to our specifications with the lowest degree of oxidation and cold extraction, allowing the essential oils the maximum durability in fragrance and property.

The carrier oil allows the essential oil maximum durability in fragrance and property. Our coloring and dyes do not alter the organoleptic properties of the essential oils.

The diffuser is made of a biodegradable sponge integrated into the jar. This enables the oil to last approximately 8 months to a year when opened several hours every day or night depending on the usage and environmental conditions. Most citrus and eucalyptus oils are the most volatile. The large jar will cover up to 150 square feet and the travel size will cover up to 40 square feet.

Our product requires minimal care and handling to use. Open the jar in a secure place. The jar should not be placed in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. This will increase the rate of evaporation and shorten the longevity of your oil.

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