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Eucalyptus is a versatile respiratory oil. Breathing eucalyptus vapor should improve sinus conditions and allergic reactions. It has also been shown to soothe sore throats, help prevent laryngitis, suppress asthmatic reactions, bronchitis, and coughs. Due to the natural anti-inflammatory qualities of eucalyptus, we have had quite a few asthmatic customers attest that they no longer need to use their inhalers often, if at all.


The antibacterial effects of eucalyptus have been known since ancient times. It has a profound impact on pathogenic bacteria, particularly for patients with respiratory tract infections, such as asthma. Eucalyptol [1.8-cineol] has a demonstrated and well known impact, reducing the need for steriods to treat asthmatic conditions.

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Important: While traveling, keep the oils in a zipper-type baggie(s) & try to keep them upright. Some customers who placed saran wrap over the opening before capping the jar have said that it provided an adequate seal.

THESE ARE OILS and may spill if tipped - protect your furniture prior to use. When you are traveling with oils, place them in a zip-lock bag or plastic container and keep them upright. If you're pregnant or you have any major medical conditions, check with your physician before use. Oils may vary in effectiveness based on your individual physiology.

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