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Here’s your chance to really reap the benefits of spreading the word about the Aroma Sensations products you love! Sign up to host one of our eParties & earn free products with Aroma Sensations eCertificates. As the host, once your virtual attendees (whether online or by phone) spend a total of at least $200, you automatically receive a free 2 oz. bottle of Muscle Mist and also get free shipping & handling on your order of any size. Then after $300 in sales you start earning 10% in Aroma Sensations eCertificates! If you have a really rockin’ party, you not only get your 10% but Aroma Sensations will also give you a check for $25. And if your party continues to blow the roof off, you keep earning another $25 for every $1000 in sales thereafter. And the best thing is you don’t have to feed your guests or clean up after the party! This is hands-down one of the easiest parties you’ll ever host!

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All ePartygoers who make a purchase of at least $29 will receive a free 2 oz. bottle of Muscle Mist (a $10.49 value). They’ll also receive free shipping & handling on any orders with a subtotal of $50 or more. And our normal discounts also apply to your eParty (10% after $75 & 20% after $175). Your party will last for two consecutive days & anyone may attend. Guests just simply enter your name to receive their free gift (if $29 order) & for the host to receive credit. For the free shipping they’ll enter your special eParty code. And your guests don’t even need to have a computer; they just call our toll-free number & use the same party code to attend your shindig.

A few important things to know: Each eParty must have a minimum of 4 attendees for the host to start receiving their host “gifts.” Guests must enter the host’s name to receive their free gift (if $29 minimum) and for the host to receive credit. A maximum of two eParties per year may be attended by the same customer. The host’s personal order is not calculated in the eParty total. A host may throw a maximum of two eParties per year.

So are ya ready to party???
Click here for more information on hosting an ePartyE Party Registration

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